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Depression: Mental Illness, not an Intention


Sadness, feeling down and having a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities are familiar sentiments for all of us.  But if they persist and affect our day to day lives substantially, the issue may be depression or distress. 

                 Depression or distress is a mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of sadness, jitteriness and loss of interest. It is very much different from the mood fluctuations. 

Signs & Symptoms

1. Feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness.

2. Lower level of energy or fatigue. 

3. Feeling anxious and restless. 

4. Unusual sleeping and eating pattern. 

5. Lash out at others.

6. Suicidal thoughts.

7. Body aches, cramps and digestive issues.

8. Weight gain or loss. 

Ways to overcome Depression

1. Focus on people who lift you and who stays there no matter what you are going through.

2. Try to keep a regular sleep pattern.

3. Exercise and meditate regularly.

4. Do things that you enjoy.

5. Try to eat a healthy diet. 

6. Set attainable goals.

7. Spend time in nature.

8. Talk to a counsellor.