Calling Time: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm

About me

I am a counselling psychologist (PhD), Mphil (Gold Medalist) and Wellness coach with an experience of 13 years. I have worked for soldier's wellbeing for more than two years. I have vast familiarity in counselling of patients suffering from serious illnesses and worked as a counselling psychologist in a school.

I comfort people who are in transition to create long term sustainable change in their lives. My purpose is to provide a stable and influential place for you to uncover the answers you need to empower professionally and personally with the motive and transparency.
As a life coach, I support you tap into your full strength, find the path, and achieve your goals. You are born with different talents, needs and enthusiasm. I coach to bring those amazing traits in alignment with your goals and bring a sharp sense of purpose and direction to your everyday life.

Dr Gaggan Jot Kaur

Psychologist (PhD)